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Roli, Six, EZB4 and the developer's kit have just been added to And the best news is new stock delivery date is listed as Feb 18th 2014... (hover your mouse over New Stock Soon icon)... Wonder if that means we're finally getting close to shipping?...

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Sudo the Banned
Commented February 2014
So DJ, can the daisy chained dynamixels each move their own way, or do they move the same way as the servo they are connected to moves? It'd be nice to have 25 free ports for my humanoid :D
Commented February 2014
I do believe you can assign individual controls to them separately. You just assign them in EZ Builder like you would any other servo.

User-inserted image

Or Auto Position.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Or use EZ Script.
Servo (ax00, 45)
Servo (ax01, 135)

Hope that helps :)
Commented February 2014
Each will work by itself. Have a read of the help page for more. Each is addressed as port AX00 to AX50. Servos with the same ID will move together, servos with their own IDs will move on their own.
Nomad 6R
Commented February 2014
cupcakehat.ez and this. :D
Commented February 2014
Site is now showing approximate date of 5/1/2014.

AvatarRichard R
Asked on Friday, February 7, 2014