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Ez Robot Is Now Listed In Robotshop.Ca!

Roli, Six, EZB4 and the developer's kit have just been added to RobotShp.ca... And the best news is new stock delivery date is listed as Feb 18th 2014... (hover your mouse over New Stock Soon icon)... Wonder if that means we're finally getting close to shipping?...

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Assuming us little blokes with pre orders will be taken care of before the big fish (retail outlets) get stock? Me does hope so...
Pre-orders have priority, yup:D

We're filming a fun and very exciting update for the pre-order customers tomorrow. Expect the video newsletter in your inbox shortly after we film it! It also contains a little surprise - specifically for those who have ordered JD
@Rich... It says the 20th now for me , so looks like nothing definite still... Well, wishful thinking I guess...
Thanks @DJ Sures for the update. Look forward to watching the video and getting the email.

Can't wait, tell me now, now, now....
Well DJ , with all due respect, what I really want in my mail box is my 4 new V4 EZB's. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the updates and informative and entertaining video clips. I even understand why there has been delay after delay. All I really ask for, and truthfully, expect is that orders are filled "first come, first served". I'd be bummed if someone who ordered today through The Robot Shop got he's order even a day before I did after placing my order last September. *eek*

Well, thanks for giving me a forum to blow off a little frustration and steam. Even with the wait, EZ Robots is the only way to go. Maybe I'm just pouting a little because my Key Fob got lost in the mail. ;)
I am with you Dave.... I completely understand what DJ and his crew are going through and believe they are doing their best to get V4 shipped... Just wish it was sooner than later... sigh... *tired*
@Dave- I feel you on the pre-order thing. I've pre-ordered Transformers from HasbroToyShop and I still saw them at Toy's R Us 2 weeks before I got them. That stings a little bit.
United Kingdom
If you haven't seen the video yet (I can't believe nobody has mentioned it yet!), pre-orders are expected to be shipped in March, which isn't far away.

This video is worth watching, especially for JD pre-orderers...

User-inserted image

I am sorry to report! Can not watch at YouTube.

United Kingdom
It's due to your country, it still works ok for me here in the UK. I guess YMCA is not allowed to be played in some countries (I have the same on some of my videos with music). Try via a proxy if you really want to see it.

Basically, shipping will begin in March. Everything is in place and there should be no more hold ups. While we have waited for the manufacturing to start they have taken the time to improve on it all.

Then there was a video of JD doing some dancing to YMCA, programmed by their least technical guy over the weekend to show how easy it is.

Edit: Give it 5 minutes and I'll share it on dropbox:)
United Kingdom
Try this link

It should download from my dropbox:)
Rich, thanks, for sharing. I was able to watch.

JD is more impressive than I thought he would be. His movements are very fluid. Nice!
So DJ, can the daisy chained dynamixels each move their own way, or do they move the same way as the servo they are connected to moves? It'd be nice to have 25 free ports for my humanoid:D
I do believe you can assign individual controls to them separately. You just assign them in ARC like you would any other servo.

User-inserted image

Or Auto Position.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Or use EZ Script.
Servo (ax00, 45)
Servo (ax01, 135)

Hope that helps:)
United Kingdom
Each will work by itself. Have a read of the help page for more. Each is addressed as port AX00 to AX50. Servos with the same ID will move together, servos with their own IDs will move on their own.
cupcakehat.ez and this.:D
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