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Back to community after a long time due to my graduation final exams. I'm excited to start building robots again...

I want to make a new robot that can move in the defined path on a floor. How can that be done?

I would even want the robot to click photos and automatically upload it to facebook page when I give the voice command "Upload to facebook!" Can that be done?

Kindly give me suggestions about how to proceed...
June 3 2014
Tony, what encoders do you use? I know they are quite expensive but look well worth it.

I don't know enough about encoders (since, until now I've pretty much dismissed them) but would they work with the Omnibot/Hearoid motors and drive train? My thinking is, if I can upgrade Melvin's drive train then I can justify the purchase of a Kangaroo/Sabertooth/Encoder setup.
June 4 2014
Rich, I like the HEDS-5545 encoder it works well with the Kangaroo here is the datasheet

With 64000 ticks per revolution its very accurate!
June 7 2014
Looks like Kangaroo x2 is the perfect solution... But how can it be used with EZ-B v4?
June 22 2014
This thread has a lot of information related to Kangaroo. Thanks a lot @Toymaker
June 23 2014
@pranav, thanks best of luck with your project.
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Published Monday, June 2, 2014