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I'll just leave these links here, I came across them in my travels. I apologize if community members are already aware of them, just figured I'd post them if anyone hadn't seen them already. (Sorry I haven't been on the forums in a while).

Found a board with a few too many similarities to the EZ-B and was located new to the Wall-E's on the site:

Cheap Wall-E-like Chassis':
Commented January 2013
They wrong for that. lol.
Commented January 2013
Wow. I wonder if they lurked in our forums. Go figure.
Commented January 2013
They don't ship the items, I ordered some parts from there a few weeks back, the order was cancelled by them and the paypal payment not accepted.
Commented January 2013
Those Bastards!
Commented July 2013
They are so cute. Nowadays, a lot of fake products that seem original. We all knew counterfeit merchandise is generally of inferior quality, and may or may not cot less than the better-made legitimate items so better beware of counterfeit merchandise. It is a criminal market that takes billions a year from legitimate, authorized vendors and there have been hundreds of busts already for crooks trying to import or sell the knock-off products.

More here Beware of counterfeit merchandise.
Avatarby Jeremie
Published Monday, December 17, 2012