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Hey guys.

So, I've had a quick play with the new Cognitive Sentiment Control today...

Found in EZ Builder under...
Artificial Intelligence,
Cognitive Sentiment,

and have been trying things simple phrases like "I am happy.", "I am angry.","I am sad.", then tried pasting customer reviews from shopping websites, and looking at the returned values. After pressing "Detect" then looking at the Cognitive Sentiment Control dialogue along with the Variable watcher, it works pretty well with positive reviews returning back high $SentimentPercentage values, and bad reviews returning lower percentage values.

So, I wanted to ask everyone, what practical ideas can you think of to use the Cognitive Sentiment control as I must admit, I'm struggling to think of practical applications to make good use of it. Any and all thoughts/ideas are welcome. I'm not asking just for myself, but for the rest of the community as well.
DJ Sures
Commented March 7
The latest Sentiment control includes a built-in "Feelings" variable as we discussed in this thread. The update is 2018.03.06.00 available now

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Steve G
Commented March 7

Thanks for sharing your ideas. I like your idea to emote the robot with colour, sound and movement using an emotional index.


Sorry for the delay in responding. Only just read your posts. Looks like you had your questions answered though. Just to add, I used to use the AIML editor within the PandoraBot website, but now use the config option in the AIMLBot control as DJ mentioned then use the “Find” or “Find and Replace” options in MS Notepad to make changes.


Thanks for the Sentiment control update. Love the smiley faces, nice touch. :)
Commented March 7
Wow! this Sentiment control looks amazing - great work!

Commented March 7
I could see this being hugely beneficial in the implementation of any consumer facing application. In conversation with a robot you would be able to tell how satisfied or dissatisfied someone is with the experience and if the user experience is improving or worsening over time.

Another application could be in elder care, hospitals or mental health. There's lots of equipment to measure physical health but almost nothing available to monitor emotional health without involving another human. This would be an excellent way to monitor emotional health and notify family or friends when someone is feeling down and needs support of a loved one.
Commented March 7
Absolutely right Alan!
AvatarSteve G
Asked on Tuesday, March 6, 2018