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This is mainly aimed at DJ, unless anyone else can help.

So I put this up as a “bug report” but it maybe an iOS or Android restriction. Anyway, here goes.

On the mobile interface running on an iPhone 7 Plus (iOS 11.2.5) , I’ve added a button for camera “snapshot”. After I took the very first photo, my phone asks for permission to access my iOS photo app. Once expected, I noticed photos were not being saved on my camera roll. I closed the iPhones photo app, took another snapshot... and it saved it to the camera roll.

So in a nutshell, what I’ve noticed is that if the iPhones photo app is running in the background, the “snapshot” control command will not save photos. Closing the iPhones photo app then taking a “snapshot” will then save that shot to the camera roll. I then have to close the photo app again to save other “snapshots”. Same thing happens on an iPad too.

So just wanted to ask, is this a possible EZ-Builder bug, or is it an iOS restriction (haven’t tried it on an Android device?

Nomad 6R
Commented February 15
apple only provides support for devices only,not for apps.
i gess the problem is you cant make a ( new folder ) like on pc.
DJ Sures
Commented February 15
Nomad, that is not a problem because it is not a feature provided by EZ-Builder mobile. EZ-Builder does not advertise a feature of storing images in custom photo albums. EZ-Builder stores images in the main photo album, such as the camera, facebook, etc..
Nomad 6R
Commented February 15
atleast steve can save it in the end.
Steve G
Commented February 16

Many thanks for taking the time to respond and explaining. Good ol iOS strikes again *eyeroll*. At least I know now it’s not a bug and it’s an Apple issue. I’ll get in touch with them (but won’t hold my breath for a response from them anytime soon).

The only reason I thought it might be a bug is that, using a similar example, I have a drone with built in camera which connects directly to the iPhone’s WiFi. I can take multiple photos with the drone and they are saved to the camera roll, and even with the photo app resting in the multitasker, photos from the drone can still be saved and wondered why that the EZ-Camera wasn’t doing the same in the EZ-mobile app. I’ve tried two iPhones and an iPad with same results (guessing Android phones don’t have this problem). Anyway, good to know it’s not a bug with EZ-Robot.

Anyway, thanks again for responding. :)


The photo app is a native Apple app supplied with all Apple mobile devices/iOS versions so they should provide support for this issue. I’ll give it a try anyway.
Nomad 6R
Commented February 16
thanks for telling steve.
AvatarSteve G
Asked on Thursday, February 15, 2018