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Hello everybody from the EZB Forum!

I am searching for a solution to save values to a Excel or XML file (or different Database).

My idea is:

A Camera recognize me ( $Face_Reco = Boris) + ($date) + ($time)

Now i have the info that "Boris" was recognized @ 31.10.2017 @ 17:55

This info i want to save somewhere (Excel - XML - Database)

Now the Camera recognize me 5 times on the 31.10.2017


On the 1.11.2017 i can ask the EZB ( a script) how many times the camera sees (recognize) me yesterday.

EASY: In the Excel-Database are 5 records/entries. So the answer is: "5 times i saw you"

Other Example

Record every hour the Temperatur - The i have 24 values - And then i can ask what is the average Temperatur yesterday.

So how can i save values and read the values with EZB?

If there is a Solution - EZB will come for me to the next level.


Please no online Solutions - where i must pay for every data stream.

I love offline solutions! ;-)
Commented October 2017

ok i want Excel file ;-)

DJ Sures
Commented October 2017
a csv is excel compatible

my plugin will not be excel native xls
Commented October 2017
Hello DJ,

i will let me suprise.

I am also really lucky if somebody can give me a direct link to a tutorial or example for read and write values into a file.

I really not find something like this in the EZ-Tutorial.

Thanx a lot.
DJ Sures
Commented October 2017
Look in the example projects. There's a few that demonstrate how to write files and fields like a csv. The project is called File Operations included in the EZ-Builder project examples.

It looks like this...

User-inserted image
DJ Sures
Commented October 2017
Asked on Tuesday, October 31, 2017