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Save Values To A Excel File Or Xml File

Hello everybody from the EZB Forum!

I am searching for a solution to save values to a Excel or XML file (or different Database).

My idea is:

A Camera recognize me ( $Face_Reco = Boris) + ($date) + ($time)

Now i have the info that "Boris" was recognized @ 31.10.2017 @ 17:55

This info i want to save somewhere (Excel - XML - Database)

Now the Camera recognize me 5 times on the 31.10.2017


On the 1.11.2017 i can ask the EZB ( a script) how many times the camera sees (recognize) me yesterday.

EASY: In the Excel-Database are 5 records/entries. So the answer is: "5 times i saw you"

Other Example

Record every hour the Temperatur - The i have 24 values - And then i can ask what is the average Temperatur yesterday.

So how can i save values and read the values with EZB?

If there is a Solution - EZB will come for me to the next level.


Please no online Solutions - where i must pay for every data stream.

I love offline solutions! ;-)


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ARC can write to files. If you look at the Script Help in ARC you'll find some options for "FileWrite" and "FileWriteLine" and the examples show .txt files, but you can also write to a .xls file.

To see some ways to use the Read and Write options with files check out my tutorial from the Learn Section.
Hello Justin,

thanx for you fast answer!

Do you have some links to usefull "Example-Scripts"

Or maybe to you have an example for my problem with the Face Reco / Date / time?

Happy Halloween to you

Building on what Justin said you can write your data to a text file using CSV (comma separated data) format in which excel can import/open... It will take only a line or two of coding to save your data in CSV format...

eg... myFile.csv
This has me thinking of an interesting plugin! One that allows you to save the state of variables...

Yes this will be amazing to save variable / values to a file and read them out later / calculated with them .....

This is want i need!

Hi Richard!

Yes CSV will also work - i know this from google merchant ;-)

But a little example how the script will look like, will be great.

But thanx to all for you interest in my problem!

Happy Halloween!

If you want a csv example , look at the file example projects included with ARC.
a csv is excel compatible

my plugin will not be excel native xls
Hello DJ,

i will let me suprise.

I am also really lucky if somebody can give me a direct link to a tutorial or example for read and write values into a file.

I really not find something like this in the EZ-Tutorial.

Thanx a lot.
Look in the example projects. There's a few that demonstrate how to write files and fields like a csv. The project is called File Operations included in the ARC project examples.

It looks like this...

User-inserted image