Asked March 26 2018

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Does anyone know if the SDK of the Oculus Rift package would work with EZB if there was a plug in developed for it? It doesn't really need to be something as big and bulky as that. Very unfortunate that Vuzix is no longer offering support with EZB. That would work great.

Like the Vuzix, I'd like to pull from the IMU data to move servos and transfer the camera feed from the EZ camera to the goggles over two complete separate computers in different places.

Any ideas or suggestions on how to POC this, would be grateful.
May 26 2018
Hahaha...not the ones in the box, the things you attached to those servos!:)
May 26 2018
Ah! Those are extra strong servo horns by a company called Actobiotics. They have so many cool modular parts for robots. I’m using a lot of thrm for Alan’s arm and torso.

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DJ Sures
May 26 2018
Man - this is gonna be amazing. Will you be creating a Project Showcase for it? So it can be included in our news letters and features?
May 26 2018
May 27 2018
Thanks for the info...
I will check those parts, they look strong and helpfull for building!:)