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just wondering about the Ultrasonic scanner available on windows EZ builder but for mobile it always says not yet supported. Will this be added to mobile app? As it would make the mobile scripting and Blockly much faster to program and the radar scanner graphic would be a big help to see if the sensors are actually pinging. I am currently using script the hard way to get mobile sonar working,so with 2 sonars going it gets more complex when you can't see the red dot pings.
May 24 2017
@robo rad, Have a look at this thread written by Rich as well. I've used the basis of his coding described in his tutorial to do exactly what you are trying to do. It's a great tutorial.
May 24 2017
Hey that's a great find, looks like I will throw on some coffee and see what else I can learn tonight! Thanks bhouston as well!
May 26 2017
So with my limited understanding of how the ultrasonic radar sweep works in the EZ Builder Windows ,with the radar sweeping,red dot graphics. I was trying to do something similar in the Android mobile EZ app. I was able to get some reasonable object avoidance but not 100 percent perfect, Sometimes robot will still hit something as if the sonar was missing a spot or off.Now my way of understanding was to start with blockly as it had a sensor ping command block which I later switched to script code to add more complicated script. I really like what DJ Sures has written above for example codes. I shall try to see how his code works because I bet his code will be way more efficient and streamlined to work 100 percent of the time. What I need to know is how the heck does the windows radar scan work so good if my sensors are both non moving fixed to the body base with no servos to move them left and right? I am wondering if what DJ used in above code is similar to the windows radar graphic sweeping? Except it is pure code that can still work in mobile phone app. Is the sonar sensor sweeping by adjustment of the current/voltage? Sorry if I can't get my point across, am still curious how the sonar can see left to right with no moving part inside?I seem to remember the sonic pattern is cone shaped and should see objects in that cone pattern. Also just want to say sorry about all my previous posts about sonar but as it is easy for most coders out there, it was a struggle for me last few months.I am happy with how far I got it working on my phone App, the robot can perform out at shopping mall floors and children's hospital rooms with no need for computer,just the phone app running! Kids seem so delighted too. Most of the time avoids the walls and chairs but I do see room for improvements. ;)
May 26 2017
@robo rad... I think you are a little confused... There are no moving parts in a ping sensor. The ping sees about a 15deg cone pattern in front of it only... The Sweeping action is done by mounting the ping on a servo which would sweep the ping back and forth like radar (covering a larger swath)... Look at the radar scan control... Notice the servo port listed in the settings? That is used to physically sweep the ping while the radar scan control is being used...
May 26 2017
Hey there Richard, yes that is what I thought about these sensors but then I notice if I put my hand in front of it, I will see the red dot showing my hand on the windows graphic radar at one side of the animated sweeping Window. That confused me as it looks like the sonar is actually moving left and right when I know it is not really moving at all. How does the animation seem to work? If I put hand on right side of sensor, the red blip also will show on the right side of screen after the animated sonar beam moves to the right. Of course I know the sonar beam would be so much wider if I had a servo moving the sensor but it still seems to have the illusion of moving on the windows sonar animation. This is why I use 2 sensors front left and right and they both seem to show accurately where my hand is making a red ping dot ,even with no servos moving them....I know I always have trouble explaining things clearly but hope you see what I mean,LoL! :)

Actually Just watched carefully the beam animation really is just nothing as I do notice the red dot will show all the way across the screen, not just one side.I think I understand it now,sorry guys, my mistake I should have watched more closely before.Like they say...learn something new everyday! :D
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Published Wednesday, May 24, 2017