Asked June 18 2017

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I am working on a mobile app and have a button that I want to be able to toggle. First push would turn leds on and next push would turn leds off. This action should be repeated each time I push the button. The following script toggles button on then off but does not repeat these actions again. Here is the code:


#In Connect Script

$Pressed = 0

#Script for Mobile App Button

if (!$Pressed)
#High Beams On
Set (D17,ON)
Set (D19,ON)
Sleep (100)
$Pressed = 1
#High Beams Off
Set (D17,OFF)
Set (D19,OFF)
Sleep (150)
$Pressed = 0

The first time I push the button the lights come on and the second time I push the button the lights go off. This is good but any further pushes result in no action. I tried putting in a loop but still didn't work. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Rick :)
June 19 2017

Thanks PTP. I will give it a try and keep you posted....Rick
June 19 2017

I tried again and included $Pressed, $Pressed1 and $Pressed2 in my connection script and the three mobile app buttons are working. Not sure why it didn't work yesterday. I was wondering if it has something to do with the variables being initialized in the connection script rather than a startup script. What is the difference between connection startup script and a separate startup script. Seems that the connection startup script is the best way to go as the script is run automatically on connection. Your thoughts are appreciated....Rick
June 21 2017

How do I give you credit for answereing this thread? Thanks again....Rick
June 21 2017
You can't... the thread is not a "require technical assistance" type thread. It is a plain conversation thread ...
June 21 2017

Thanks much for the clarification....Rick