Asked June 16 2017

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i am trying to use the MQTT plugin with no luck. I have a host on and so far am just hitting the connect button but its timing out with
'uPLibrary.Networking.M2Mqtt.Exceptions.MqttCommunicationException' was thrown.
Then high cpu use and a task kill to get back full operation? This is on a Tiny, if I can get this working I plan on getting a /4 also and a SSC32 to help split the power.
I am 3/4 thru an Inmoov build and want/need MQTT for openhab connection.

Thanks all
June 17 2017
1) What broker software & version ?

mosquitto Version .15
Running on a PI 2 with Raspbian wheezy
June 17 2017

Version 0.15 is very old:

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

although is not a big issue (at least for home users) there are some security issues:

User-inserted image

I tried the mqqt client plugin with my mosquito server (1.4.12) and no connection issues.

User-inserted image

try to connect and check your server's log:


tail -f /var/log/mosquitto/mosquitto.log

next step check EZ-Builder windows's firewall and connectivity to the mosquitto port.

last effort: update the mosquitto version.
June 17 2017
Thanks ptp for helping

Looks like the EZ computer can reach the MQTT server

PS C:\Users\greg> Test-NetConnection -port 1883

ComputerName :
RemoteAddress :
RemotePort : 1883
InterfaceAlias : Wi-Fi
SourceAddress :
TcpTestSucceeded : True

And I looked in/var/log/mosquitto/mosquitto.log
but no file there, might be the older version I have. Looking at the log I installed it on 8-15. Looks like I am not one to upgrade when it's working. So I might need to upgrade, but I am getting this so more work to do.

sudo apt-get install mosquitto
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
mosquitto is already the newest version.
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 12 not upgraded.

After some work I get this after a upgrade
pi@raspberrypi ~ $ mosquitto
1497739370: mosquitto version 0.15 (build date 2017-05-29 22:37:10+0000) starting
1497739370: Opening ipv4 listen socket on port 1883.
1497739370: Error: Address already in use

This version does does not match the build date? I might add the latest windows MQTT clients connect with no trouble.
June 17 2017

you need to do:


sudo apt-get update

apt-get update downloads the package lists from the repositories and "updates" them to get information on the newest versions of packages and their dependencies. This command does not install or upgrade any packages.


sudo apt-get upgrade

installs newer versions of the packages you have. After updating the lists, the package manager knows about available updates for the software you have installed. This is why you first want to do apt-get update.
June 18 2017
Success thanks ptp, it was the old version 0.15. Its the one you get from apt you have to add to get newer versions. Now I get a quick connect in EZ. The Openhab Pi has been up for so long I kind of forget it. I will start a new thread on the SSC-32 questions.