Asked October 1 2014

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does these ports have ID,?i wanna use two rgb's

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October 2 2014
i forget things that i read few sec ago.

thank you dj
DJ Sures
October 2 2014
Turns out i forgot to save it in EZ-Builder. The code was there, but no button to use it. Haha

I have added the Change i2c utility for the next version of EZ-Builder - which will be this evening.
October 2 2014
dj you work fast as lightning.

thank you.
December 18 2017
where can i find the adres of a rgb ? standard is 0xA0
December 19 2017
problem when i take a second rgb window and try to change the adres,the ,
ezbv4 disconnect.i wanted to use two rgb as tail lights on roli.