Asked January 3 2015

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I have a general question regarding the Release() script command. What I would like to do is to add this to some of my scripts after a Sleep() duration command to release some of my servos to save on any unnecessary servo holding strain and also to save on battery power.

But I read in a post somewhere recently (can't find the thread I saw it in at the moment) that using a "release" would cause the EZ-B to brown out and would need to be power cycled, or dis and reconnect the EZ-B's network connection, as this should only be used in an emergency.

I have tried it on a simple servo script to have a servo release at its rest position and it seemed to work ok. But before I go ahead and add more Release() commands to a lot more scripts, can anyone tell me if this would be ok to do, or would it not be advisable? Obviously a don't want to keep restarting the EZ-B every time a servo is released in a script.

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January 20 2015
Thank you Richard,
I have tried resetting each individual servo speed again to 0 and it worked, but had to do several times till everything worked correctly.
I also added the desired speed in script and it worked.
I do not understand why we have to start adding all these scripts?
I was not expecting to have to do all this w EZB4.
I know there are still many more advantages to EZB4, and this will be resolved.
Steve S
January 20 2015
@Steve, not sure I understand... Why do you think the ezb4 needs more scripting? What "all these scripts" are you referring to? I assume you mean more than the ezb3 does? The panic release does the same thing to the ezb3 as it does to the ezb4....
January 20 2015
I could release servos w EZB3 and later activate movement w/out reloading or reconnection.
I can not do that now, without extra work.
I did not mention the panic release button. You mentioned the reset servo speed button was next to the panic button.
I thought it was explained above, but I appreciate your help and trying to help me.
I am sure this will be resolved.
Thank You
Steve S
January 20 2015
You don't have to do that with the ezb4 either.... As I mentioned in the menu bar beside the Panic servo Release is the reset servo speed command... This re-enables the servos again and resets their speed back to 0 (full speed)... No need to disconnect ezb4 or reload your project...
January 20 2015
Thank You Richard,
I understand that, but I never had to manually go to the menu bar and choose "Reset servo speeds" before, or when my robot was running.
What has changed is the question, and there is not a script to call it.
Thank You,
Steve S