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Hello , please help write voice commands.and tell me how to do that would be the engine stops before heading off .
January 7 2015
What motors are you using? Are you using a Roli?
January 7 2015
I use analog motors
January 7 2015
Do you mean 360deg servos? You need the modified servo movement control and the voice control panel... So 2 controls.
These commands below are already in the voice control panel.....
"Robot move forward"
"Robot Stop"



January 7 2015
Using the subject "Quickly" will not help anyone, this should be a brief title to the problem i.e. "Voice Control Help". This will help the community by letting those who also need help on the subject find the post and those who can help you see the post.

Adding voice control is covered by this tutorial.
January 7 2015
@Rich, it could be like the movie Speed where a mad man has wired an EZb into a bus or a train and the voice command is needed before the engine stops, Quickly. ;)

@761019, if Richard and Rich have not answered your question please explain in greater detail what specifically you are trying to achieve and what you are trying to control and kit you have (dev, JD, roli, six).
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Published Wednesday, January 7, 2015