Asked January 7 2015

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It's been a long time... How's everyone? Josh, Rich, DJ, Aameralis...


I'm planning to buy a new 3D printer. There is no limit on the budget. Which 3D printer do you think is the best one to buy. I need high quality printing and I'll be using it almost everyday... So I need all your help... Please let me know which one's the best...
February 5 2015
Thanks a lot guys... So many suggestions. I'm now constrained to buy only the Makerbot products. Which one might be better? Makerbot Replicator 5th Gen or Makerbot Replicator 2X? and Why?
February 5 2015
5th gen has many issues with the extruder/hotend. its a great printer otherwise but if the extruder/hotend has issues, you just have a pretty box. For that price, I would go with an ultimaker 2.

It has a larger build volume, faster speed, better layer resolution. pretty much everything you would want.
February 5 2015
Yeah, I was actually interested in Ultimaker 2. But I'm constrained to go for Makerbot products. As far as the smart extruder problem is concerned, I found this:

So which one will be better? 2x or 5th Gen?
February 5 2015
Get a maker bot rep 2x , it's pretty much the replicator 2 with a dual extruder head. If I knew what I knew now I would want the replicator 2x
February 5 2015
Thanks a lot Ameralis and Josh. The information was very useful...