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Best 3D Printer

It's been a long time... How's everyone? Josh, Rich, DJ, Aameralis...


I'm planning to buy a new 3D printer. There is no limit on the budget. Which 3D printer do you think is the best one to buy. I need high quality printing and I'll be using it almost everyday... So I need all your help... Please let me know which one's the best...

I like my Xyz Printing - Di Vinci 1.0 single color, hands down for $499 it prints all my parts and other stuff with no issues.. about a year old,no issues .. I just looked at the Di Vinci Jr at CES 2015 which is coming out in 1 month its a bit smaller, but faster for $349. They also have a 2 color and a single color with built in Scanner for $799. some are not fans, but for an entry level printer it doesn't break the bank and it does what I need..
Thanks a lot guys... So many suggestions. I'm now constrained to buy only the Makerbot products. Which one might be better? Makerbot Replicator 5th Gen or Makerbot Replicator 2X? and Why?
5th gen has many issues with the extruder/hotend. its a great printer otherwise but if the extruder/hotend has issues, you just have a pretty box. For that price, I would go with an ultimaker 2.

It has a larger build volume, faster speed, better layer resolution. pretty much everything you would want.
Get a maker bot rep 2x , it's pretty much the replicator 2 with a dual extruder head. If I knew what I knew now I would want the replicator 2x
Thanks a lot Ameralis and Josh. The information was very useful...