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Hi everyone.

I have a small issue using the EZ-B soundboard and just wondered if anyone experienced this and possibly has a fix. When I play sound files there is a rather annoying hiss in the background.

When I play the sound files directly through a media player on my PC, perfect.

When I use SayEZB() or Pandorabot control, perfect.

But any sound file played through the EZ-B soundboard the background hiss returns. Not a major problem but I would like to eliminate this if I could. Is it possible?

December 4 2014
It is powered by a small rechargable battery housed inside the speaker itself. Below is a picture of the speaker I'm using.

User-inserted image
December 4 2014
Aw yes, the issue very well may be that the speaker and ez-b don't share the same ground reference since they have separate power supplies. If you can find a way (maybe through the charging port) to connect the grounds together the noise is likely to go away.
December 4 2014

Thanks for that. Coming to think of it that does make sense. I will give the grounding a try.

Thanks again. :)
December 4 2014
My plan with the breakout mod is to get an amplified speaker like you have but power it from the bots main battery. Interested to see if you fix it!
December 4 2014
No worries Technopro. I'll post an update when I try it.
Avatarby Steve G
Published Wednesday, December 3, 2014