Asked July 6 2014

Community Question

hi! anyone here from the Philippines tried to purchase from EZ-store? how long your order arrive after purchase? or someone knows a store here in Asia selling EZ-robot parts/accesories...
July 12 2014
Why do you think it will take a half a year when we all told you otherwise? You have been on this forum for about a month now.... If you had of ordered a month ago, you wouldn't be worried...
July 12 2014
What it all boils down to is that DJ and crew have developed an amazing product that they are trying to make sure that all of the bugs are worked out. Yes we are all excited and maybe a little frustrated with time windows, but it will be worth it. My dad was one who received a v4 that was 3d printed and is doing way cool things with it. I look forward to using this product with my students and know it will inspire many children to pursue careers in math, science, and engineering. If it takes another month or two,so what. It is a great product and will be a great tool in my classroom.
July 12 2014
Go ahead and place your ez robot order , you will have it soon I assure you:)
July 12 2014
I have had two developer kits ordered since the middle of April. Way excited!
July 14 2014
I think I ordered in Oct.

to put it Bluntly, you can't rush Quality.