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Asking About Shipping

hi! anyone here from the Philippines tried to purchase from EZ-store? how long your order arrive after purchase? or someone knows a store here in Asia selling EZ-robot parts/accesories...


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again I get answers from questions ...guess we all have to wait ...:( ...well the way this is going maybe will get my order in 5-6 weeks with 8 months of pre orders.............................. hope all preorders are filled first cause we helped with development capital and have been pretty understanding on why it takes so long ........they should again have let us all know not just saying hope june now hope july and now direct from china and I have to ask on a forum to find anything out
..and now they say by end of August? sounds very suspicious to me.
hi mgodsell1973 you order yours one day before me...I ordered mine november 14 2013 .............hope you receive yours before I do :) let me know and I will also when you get your tracking number ...
United Kingdom
@robohappy they aren't saying August, they are still saying July. August is for when all robots will have shipped, there is quite a back order built up and it will take time to clear, this has always been the case.
wtf! almost 1 year before the order receive? i thought only weeks or 1 month.... zzzZZZzzz i cant use EZ-Robot for my school project because i have deadline...:(

@Alan and @Jason: btw, i have cousin there in Alberta, Canada... if i please him to buy directly in your store/office, the parts are available anytime? i mean buy in hand carry not shipping because it will take long... please reply...
@Yatakitombi.... Nothing is being shipped from Canada now... All EZ Robot products are being drop shipped from China.... If you buy from EZ Robot, it will be shipped from China... The longer you wait to buy, the longer it will take to ship to you.... If you want an EZ Robot kit by September, I suggest you order very, very soon...

V4 was introduced last Summer/Fall (2013) as a pre-order only.... There had been several delays, but now the product is beginning to ship.... You won't have to wait a year... maybe a month or so now...
United Kingdom
@Yatakitombi please be aware that Revolution robots and the EZ-B V4 have been under development for some time. Orders have always been pre-orders. The ship date was originally to be around December 2013 however due to the manufacturing processes and the molds being more work than EZ-Robot originally envisaged (as a result they have brought in more companies to handle the designs etc. and advise them).

If you order now the pre-order should be dispatched near the end of August or early September as a guess. This is around 6 weeks not a year.
my design will be finish and approve in Aug. 18, 2014 if they will like it... that's the date of what my teacher said... after that i will buy the parts in EZ... how long it will take?
Guess people just want to start in the ez-robot revolution and they all are hoping the on going production of the product will stop being pushed on and on when i first ordered i was under the impresion that it would show in dec for xmas then in spring for my bday and we keep getting longer now it is going to head to fall .....i will be waiting because at this point i am looking forward to see it .....i understand now we are getting it direct from china .....hopefully it is not on a slow boat or that they have to wait longer so they can fill more containers to make it cheaper .....and one more question is there going to be extra cost now for shipping cause it coming overseas .....i feel sorry for the student and teachers that have preordered .....they were hopeing to receive the orders before school went out for the summer now are hopeing to get before school starts again .....it is frustrating to wait for a product that we all believe is great ......hope we will get some end to this socn .......ezrobot customer who is still waiting :)
United Kingdom
@brednow_a EZ-Robots have been open about the delays since day one and have explained why the delays have happened, have been apologetic, have kept us updated since the announcement of the last delay and have even provided those who pre-ordered early store credit.

With any new product which is in pre-order whilst being designed there is always the chance of a delay, it happens constantly within the video game/software industry. In order to fund the research and development of the EZ-B V4 and the revolution robots EZ-Robots relied on pre-order custom to fund (or part fund) the r&d which is in excess of $1million. Again, this is something which EZ-Robots have been open about.

Also, all EZ-Robot products have always been shipped from China with the exception of the first batch of V4s sent from Canada and probably some of the earlier EZ-Bs.

My experience was the shipping from Canada to UK was slower than the shipping from China to UK.

As Alan has said, Developer kits have begun shipping. Revolution robots are due to ship this month and all pre-ordered kits and robots are hoped to have shipped by the end of August.

EZ-Robots have been nothing short of open and honest since the announcement of the last delays, we can't ask for anything more, they can't speed up the process at all, it's now just a case of waiting patiently for a few more weeks.

rich this is just me venting....... yes they were open after I was told it was in a pre order in dec when I asked if my product was going to shipped ......like i said heard it was maybe in april or may next ....june or july and yes always with reasons like getting the product better ....finding better tooling and earth quack in japan was even mentioned ...now they saying july august and now getting direct shipping form china ...which no one mentioned to me I found that out on this forum so please let me express that I are not questioning their honesty I would just like the wait to come to an end and want to have a good relationship with ez robot ......have already thought on how to use for it halloween ......so am waiting for the next couple of weeks again and may my hopes work
Andreas Brednow
We have known that shipping was going to be from China since maybe last January.... It's not new info, really...
well richard guess you asked more questions than I asked........like I say it has been a long time and keeps getting longer and longer not shipping on dates they state like june and july now july aug .........will just let it be and see trying to be positive:)
United Kingdom
Again, Dev kits have begun shipping and did begin in June. Robots will begin shipping in July as has always been the case. The dates haven't changed.
sigh! im very hopeless in EZ-Robot now...:( im so scared if i order it will take half a year before i receive...:(

i like EZ-Robot but the delivery to their customer is unsatisfactorily... btw, thx for the info guys... i hope they will find better ways to make it fast... because i dont know what materials i shift that the capability is the same with EZB but easy to buy...
Why do you think it will take a half a year when we all told you otherwise? You have been on this forum for about a month now.... If you had of ordered a month ago, you wouldn't be worried...
What it all boils down to is that DJ and crew have developed an amazing product that they are trying to make sure that all of the bugs are worked out. Yes we are all excited and maybe a little frustrated with time windows, but it will be worth it. My dad was one who received a v4 that was 3d printed and is doing way cool things with it. I look forward to using this product with my students and know it will inspire many children to pursue careers in math, science, and engineering. If it takes another month or two,so what. It is a great product and will be a great tool in my classroom.
Go ahead and place your ez robot order , you will have it soon I assure you:)
I have had two developer kits ordered since the middle of April. Way excited!
I think I ordered in Oct.

to put it Bluntly, you can't rush Quality.