Asked September 26 2014

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I have a dual motor driver that has 6 pin connection for motor 1 ground 2 pwm2..pin3 dir2..pin4 5 six should i connect this to ezb with Movement Panel...
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December 6 2014
Maybe you need a 2channel remote control key fob then....:P They can be picked up really cheap on eBay....
December 6 2014
Well if that's the only way, I better do some shopping then. *eyeroll*

Cheers Richard. :)
December 6 2014
You can use something like this 5V Relay as an option... Plugs directly into one of the ezb's digital ports.... Using Set(D0, ON) and Set(D0, OFF) will drive the relay... This way you can turn your motor controller on or off using an ez builder script or digital control...
December 6 2014
That's cool. I went with the 2 ch remote in the end as I already have the set up in place. Thanks again Richard.
November 24 2015
Just a comment about the hbridge at the start of this post.
I used it to run 2 dc motors and run with arduino.
When I send analogwrite value of 255 (motor full on) the supply volts of 13.7v drops to 10.5v on forward and 7.5v on reverse on the motor connections.
This is also true if I just feed the PWM pin 5v.
I found that I had to use a value of 254 as my full on PWM value and the the motor ran with virtually no voltage drop.
Not sure why but seems to be a quirk of this hbridge.