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can EZ-Camera read the range of the object? because i need to know if the camera can calculate the distance of the object then grab it...
Commented August 2014
Yeh, Camera Only would be really nice.

I saw once where a guy took TWO cameras and placed them side by side. He then focused one at a distance and the other upclose. He programmed the program to know when the camera was in focus, thereby knowing when something was near or far.

I don't know HOW he made the program know when the camera was in focused. That would be hard for me to personally do. But, it would be nice if you, Rich would look into how that was done.
Commented August 2014
To be honest, the near/far focus example wouldn't be something I would waste my time with as there are much better ways using the same, or less equipment which makes that method redundant before it's even attempted.

If you're using two cameras then one for depth and one for imaging (i.e. the kinect) is the better choice rather than two for imaging.
Commented August 2014
good advice.
Commented August 2014
Realistically stereoscopic machine vision is something i would love to do but it is truly outside my skill level at this time. Lol , ultrasonic above my camera is what i installed on JARVIS 2000 and i pretend i came up with an original idea. ;)
Commented March 2015
The EZ-AI application (next release - v will allow for Steroscopic distance sensing. It also allows for distance sensing using one camera in a couple of ways. The first is to find the object, then find the base of an object. It then uses Distance = height of the camera * tan ( angle of the camera using a gyroscope ). This is the less accurate of the two measures. We are working on adding a third option that takes a picture with a recognized point, turns the camera x degrees and takes another picture with a recognized object and then turns the camera x degrees and takes another picture with a recognized object. It then calculates the distance to the object using the known variables.

None of these will be as fast or as accurate as a sensor is, but all will calculate distance much further out than a sensor can. The furthest that I have seen a sensor measure is about 40 Meters or about 120 feet. Using a camera will will allow distances to known objects to be measured at far further distances as long as the object isn't moving and the robot isn't moving.

I just had to revisit this thread because it is something that has been on my mind for six months.
Asked on Sunday, August 17, 2014