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I am trying to control my Dynamixel AX-12a with the EZBPi, but when I try to connect EZ-Builder it disconnects shortly after...
Is there a wiring schematic or a tutorial on how to do this?
I guess I missed something...maybe the port in the configuration is wrong?
A pinout for the EZBPi would be helpfull!!:)

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@DJSures I double checked what you did in the Live Hack, just to make sure...so if I am getting it correct you just hooked up the plugin but never moved a servo right?

So if I can track my issue right, this seems to be a problem of the OS that the Raspberry Pi is running...
I would recommend, that at some point we should have a downloadable image for EZBuilder Pi to make sure these problems don't persist?

Since Raspian Jessie and also in Stretch the OS is hijacking the serial port for Bluetooth connectivity...you will have to reconfigure the Pi, which is not so bad...but it is a problem if you want to connect and do not know about the serial port issue!!

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Since I reconfigured my serial port, I can connect...but the Dynamixel servos still don't move!!
I can move the servos running my own code, so the ports and the Baudrate is working correctly!!
Also it seems like the EZPBi is logging the UART...which is good for debug!!
You can see it is receiving the instruction package correctly!!

User-inserted image
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Also one thing I am a bit concerned about is burning my GPIOs if I am connecting the way you said.
This is why I only connected the TX, but the servo should receive the package right?
Maybe we should add some Voltage protection to the circuit? There are a couple of options, on my desk you can see the setup I am using which utilizes a 74LS241 and a 10K resistor...I use it to connect when I am using the Raspberry Pi only, not if I am using EZBPi!!
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Sweet, I am looking forward to this!!:)

I will be out of town since first of April too...good timing!!:D