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Hi DJ,

Would you help to answer my question as below :

1. I'm making a robotic but it has over 23 servo ports. Is it need to buy one more EZB4 to extend the servo ports? if yes, how to connect and let the EZ-builder to know the extend servo ports?

2. EZB4 can support the heavy duty servo (VDC 12V)?

3. Will it reduce the power if servo ports are full ?

Thanks for your attention.

Ricky Ma
DJ Sures
Commented February 22
If you follow the instructions for usb conversion and the software is missing an option, then you need a firmware upgrade.

Here’s the link to instructions:
Commented February 22
Ok! I will look into the firmware upgrade.

My question was more focused on the hardware. Do I need to do the physical upgrade to my original v4 EZ-Bs to make them EZ-B 4/2 (Comm 1 to Comm 2) ? Is there an advantage?
DJ Sures
Commented February 22
They NEED to be /2 comm, yes

User-inserted image
Commented February 22
Commented February 22
Okay! Fantastic!

I did place an order from the world famous EZ-ROBOT.COM website an EZ-B 4/2 and an EZ-B v4/2 Comm Upgrade kit. Looks like I need to order another EZ-B v4/2 Comm Upgrade kit so all three of my EZ-Bs will be rocking. :)

Thank you.
Asked on Friday, August 28, 2015