Asked August 19 2015

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i am asking me one question:

Have i the possibilty to set a variable in the Speech Commands?

To understand what i mean:

I want to ask the Robot:

Do you like "x" ( and now i can say what i want)


Do you like fishing?
Do you like drinking?
Do you like flying?

and so on.

and the robot can give an answer: "Yes i like!"

But the important, is to set a variable!

Interresting also:

I will say: My favorite music is "x"

Now the robot will remember the "x" (in this case it will be "Hip Hop")

And the Robot will answer:

Hip Hop (from the variable) i like also!

i think this is more complicate then the first idea, there the speech reco only must understand the start or the end of a sentence.

So it is possible?


For what i need this Commands:


and $SpeechPhrase


I check out the forum and the manual, but i really find nothing about it.
August 26 2015
Hi again Boris;

I forgot to address the problem you had.


if($SpeechPhrase ="wie spät ist es" or "wie früh ist es")
SayWait("Nach meiner Uhr ist es jetzt 13:00")

I have saved both commands "wie spät ist es" and "wie früh ist es" in the Speech Control.

But both Scripts will not work. I understand that i can´t make complete diffrent sentences, i think they must start with the same letter, what in this case is the "w".

Or i am completely on the wrong way?

This is my mistake again if I posted that you should write it as:


if($SpeechPhrase ="wie spät ist es" or "wie früh ist es")
#It should have been:
if($SpeechPhrase ="wie spät ist es" or $SpeechPhrase = "wie früh ist es")

Sorry for the confusion. You are correct that both phrases must begin with the same letter for it to work.

Too bad I don't still speak German. I could phrase things so much better for you to understand. I was actually born in Bremerhaven to a German/Dutch mother and an American father. My mother spoke Upper and Lower German and Dutch. I spoke only German until age 6 or 7, then I came to America. I just picked up English (kids seem to be able to do that easily) not long after coming to the USA, and soon after that I could remember no German at all. Not one word. I can't remember any transition period the in languages. I can't even remember my life before age 7. Maybe because it was in a different language, I don't know. I see pictures of me on a farm in Germany then, but I don't remember any of it.
August 26 2015
Hello WBS00001,


thats it!

Ok, now it will be more easier to make speech commands.

I have my 2 -4 or 5 variables what i can say and then the robot will do his job!

I must say, sometimes i can´t really remember how exactly my speech command was. So it will be good to have more possibilities.

Bremerhaven..... An der Nordseeküste, am plattdeutschen Strand, da sind Fische im Wasser und selten an Land.

(At the northsea coast, at the "flat-german" beach, there are the fishes in the water and only sometimes at the beach.)

Ok in German it sounds much more better!

I know Bremerhaven, when i was also a little child i was there and also visiting the submarine in the port. But it was also long time ago.

In the States i was only one time, also when i was a child. Our family was in the 80ties in L.A. I remember some big Palms on the Street, the house cat from our guest family in L.A. and a big birthday party for me in a icecream store.

I got a Congratulation Certificate from the mayor of L.A. - A Lot of Berlin Visitor got this certificate, because WEST-Berlin was and maybe still is a daughter/ partner city of L.A.

But as you read, i am a born Berlin guy, so chaos everyday is also normal for me and this summer we had 3 weeks allmoust everyday 35 centigrade. So only the Palms are missing ;-)

But it´s cool to meet guys from good old germany!

I got some question about the copy programm for the speech commands, but i will write you another post later.

August 29 2015
Hello WBS00001,

you tipp with the speech variable solved my problem! Thanx again,

you told you have a program what can copy the speech commands into the speech control?

Copy this program also speech command from a list from as word or excel file?

August 29 2015
Hi Boris;


you told you have a program what can copy the speech commands into the speech control?

The program can copy the commands from a Speech Recognition Control in a project to a Script Control, such as SR_Eval.


Copy this program also speech command from a list from as word or excel file?

Yes I could make it copy from a Word file. I'm not sure about copying from an Excel file. It would be easiest to copy from a Windows Notepad file, however.
October 24 2015
Hello WBS00001

sorry that our conversations was so abrupt ending

my head was exploding because of the Maker-Faire and the time to finish so much as possible of my Inmoov... but the time where to less so that the inmoov went without arms. But still the Maker-Faire was funny.

I also wanted say thanks to you for you help and support!

In the next days i will make again some programing and sorting the speech reco. So i think i will have some questions to you.

So i whish you a good weekend

and c u later



here are some pictures from the Maker-Faire

and here is also a link for a youtube video with my inmoov (the Main Broacast beginns @ 12 min and 35 seconds)