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I use Vex stuff a lot and it got me thinking. Vex hold robot Challenge's every year... So I had an idea that maybe ez robot might consider something similar for future contests... I thought that ez robot could hold an EZ Challenge type contest... Sort of like the X Prize... Where a challenge will be set for a robot to accomplish, perform or complete a certain task within set rules/guidelines and possibly within a set timeframe as well. Awards like store credits for the winner(s) could be given... The user would submit a video of his/her robot meeting the EZ Challenge by a certain deadline and when the contest is over EZ Robot will judge who best met the challenge...

Of course I haven't thought about any details, rules, limitations on what materials we are allowed to use etc... It was just an idea on a boring cold February afternoon here in Canada...
February 25 2015
Ha, ha...the bow at the end is priceless :)
February 25 2015
What about mundane tasks like following a line or not bumping into stuff? :P

Kidding of course (for the Sarcasm-challenged) but what about real world stuff like picking something up and putting it somewhere? Going up and down staircases? Of course, the harder the obstacle is, the better chance of winning. Of course the EZ Robot staff would be the judge... :D
June 14 2018
Hi Everyone! I am from 'the future', and wanted to reopen the discussion on what the community would like to see as a NEW Robot CONTEST! *eek*

I would love to see a contest about robot-human voice interaction using one of the AI plug-ins... like the best conversation (which would be have sub-categories for funniest, most responsive, etc.)

Or, have they not been invented yet in 2015? :)
June 14 2018
Best human robot interaction using voice - contest...that's a good one!

I think points should be added for not just the interaction component (like human says "Hello" and robot says, "Hello to you too") but also showing the technology of how the robot was able to interact.
June 15 2018
Also using the facial recognition with responses according to who is seen and servo tracking with movement via voice commands, etc. would let the power of EZ Builder shine thru.

Could even add having it follow a line as @Doombot stated. LOL

Could be quite a challenge.
Avatarby Richard R
Published Wednesday, February 25, 2015