ARC Windows/android 2014.03.08.00

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Software Information
Windows Changes:
- i2c speed improvement
- new EZ-B v4 command: i2cClockSpeed() allows you to specify the clock speed of the i2c interface
- EZ-B v4 support for two UARTs

Android Changes:
- Compiler supports the new EZ-Script arrays
- Compiler supports SendUDP()
- Compiler supports new command: i2cClockSpeed()
- Compiler supports two EZ-B UARTs
I was just testing the latest version of EZ-Builder 03-08, I did not download 03-07, skip it. It has allows worked in the past make no changes to EZB file. Using with V3 controller.

mz.EZB I always test first with out camera. I push forward button then stop button and went to press reverse button and it crashes. Windows put the box up. EZ-Builder disconnects. Rebooted system and tried again same results. Tried it with Android latest version everything works.

Should uninstall EZ-Builder. Reboot, download again, install again?

Thanks in advance, John
It seems to be your computer or windows install. Have you tried updating your .NET framework?

I loaded up both your project file and JD's and tried the Auto Position control without any problems.

Just to boast about my newly built computer:
Windows 8.1 64 bits - 16GB memory
i7 4770K @ 4.2GHz
Intel Z87 chipset
(shouldn't make any difference) Asus GTX 780Ti OC @ 1GHz
United Kingdom
I too couldn't make it error on my desktop (AMD FX 6 core 3.8ghz, 16Gb ram - not as good as Nieks... :D) or on my W3 tablet.
all i fixed it. just ran Glary Utilities 1-click maintenance. it cleaned up stuff.


Thanks all for your help.