Windows/android 2014.03.08.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.

Windows Changes:
- i2c speed improvement
- new EZ-B v4 command: i2cClockSpeed() allows you to specify the clock speed of the i2c interface
- EZ-B v4 support for two UARTs

Android Changes:
- Compiler supports the new EZ-Script arrays
- Compiler supports SendUDP()
- Compiler supports new command: i2cClockSpeed()
- Compiler supports two EZ-B UARTs
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3/9/2014 Comm Err: Thread was being aborted. in the debug window of ARC.

I am using Microsoft Windows 8.1 64-bit with 8 meg of memory, CPU
Intel Core i7 3770S @ 3.10GHmz
Ivy Bridge 22nm Technology

Android version runs fine. Thanks for looking into this and if you need more information. Please let me know.

:):):) *stress*
I need a lot more info, for example - what happened? Might be able to look at your project? Im unsure what feature may have caused the issue.
I was just testing the latest version of ARC 03-08, I did not download 03-07, skip it. It has allows worked in the past make no changes to EZB file. Using with V3 controller.

mz.EZB I always test first with out camera. I push forward button then stop button and went to press reverse button and it crashes. Windows put the box up. ARC disconnects. Rebooted system and tried again same results. Tried it with Android latest version everything works.

Should uninstall ARC. Reboot, download again, install again?

Thanks in advance, John
It seems to be your computer or windows install. Have you tried updating your .NET framework?

I loaded up both your project file and JD's and tried the Auto Position control without any problems.

Just to boast about my newly built computer:
Windows 8.1 64 bits - 16GB memory
i7 4770K @ 4.2GHz
Intel Z87 chipset
(shouldn't make any difference) Asus GTX 780Ti OC @ 1GHz
United Kingdom
I too couldn't make it error on my desktop (AMD FX 6 core 3.8ghz, 16Gb ram - not as good as Nieks... :D) or on my W3 tablet.
all i fixed it. just ran Glary Utilities 1-click maintenance. it cleaned up stuff.


Thanks all for your help.