ARC Windows Release 2015.09.03.00

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Software Information

- pandoraBot control has Response Variable and Response Script

- added help id's for add control question mark short cuts

- new API features for open architecture (examples in Display Text source code)
Excellent! Now, how do you open the downloaded file? When I choose Open from EZ-Builder and go to the directory where the plug-in is located, I don't see it listed.
No problem guys :). Can't wait to start seeing developers creating plugins!

@wbs, double click the file that you downloaded to install it. When you download programs, you will have to double click on the icon to execute them. For example, navigate to the folder in Windows Explorer where the plugin file is saved. The plugin file will have an extension .EZPLUGIN. Hold your mouse cursor over the icon of the downloaded file and double tap the mouse. This will "execute" or "run" the file. For more information on opening files, here's a direct link to the Microsoft help page:

The menu option Project -> File -> Open in EZ-Builder is for Project files only. Projects Files are projects which you created or someone else creates that runs your robot. If you have an ez-robot, you will open the project for it.
@DJ Sures
Thanks for your response. When I double click it, I am asked what program I wish to open it with. I tell it to use EZ-Builder.exe. When it does, I get a list of errors:
User-inserted image

If I try to open the file via the "Get Plugins" button in the Add Controls selection, it just brings the web page up via Firefox and I'm right back where I started.
Looks like there is something buggy with your EZ-Builder installation. The EZ-Builder application is not meant to be opened by the .ezplugin extensions. I would recommend uninstalling and re-installing ez-builder. Ensure you have the most recent version as well.

If you are still prompted for an application to open .ezplugin files with, select the EZ-Builder plugin Manager.exe instead. EZ-Builder is made for loading EZ-Builder projects which are robot projects as mentioned earlier. Do not load other file types with EZ-Builder. Only load .ezb files with EZ-Builder.

The association of .ezplugin files should have been configured during the installation of ez-builder. If not, your windows installation may be unstable. I do not have the resources to diagnose issues with your operating system, unfortunately.

To recap, perform the following steps...

1) uninstall ez-builder

2) reboot computer

3) install latest EZ-Builder from this website. Click SOFTWARE tab and press DOWNLOAD. Follow the double click instructions as posted in my earlier response.

4) load EZ-Builder. Ensure you have the most recent version running by the UPDATE window. It should not be flashing.

5) Press PROJECT -> Add Control from the top menu

6) Press GET plugin from the bottom of the ADD CONTROL menu. IT's a green button

7) Browse the available plugins and press INSTALL

8) Depending on your web browser, you will be prompted to OPEN or SAVE. Select OPEN if possible. Otherwise SAVE the .ezplugin and double click on it when it's been saved

9) If the program mentioned earlier is not opened automatically by the package manager, then you will have to select the program manually. It is located at this path: C:\Program Files (x86)\EZ-Robot Inc\EZ-Builder\EZ-Builder plugin Manager.exe
Thank you for the detailed explanation. As suspected I needed to call for it to be opened by EZ-Builder plugin Manager.exe instead of EZ-Builder.exe. Worked perfectly and installed no problem.