ARC Windows Release 2014.11.18.00

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Software Information

- New skin

- EZ-B v4 audio volume uses a new algorithm which results in clearer audio during volume adjustments

- Latest Six/JD/Roli revolution projects
cool ill check that out, just to let you know also I've been having some awesome demos, teacher workshops at conferences, and have a training tomorrow!
Woo! That's excellent news! Means a lot to me - more than you can imagine - to see the impact we, as a community, are having on education.
OK, that all sounds good to me. May I make a suggestion to D.J. ?

Instead of having a daily update, have a monthly update. Put all of your magnificent software improvements together and release them once a month. The improvements would be HUGH and we would not have to go through that whole process over and over and over again except once a month we could update it.


United Kingdom
Wait, you want less updates?..

You are free to wait until a specific date each month to upgrade if you wish, you don't need to update in chronological order.

I for one prefer updates to happen as and when. Bug fixes that would take a month to release rather than a day would be a nightmare.
For the school computers I do updates bi-weekly or monthly. There are 6 of them and I update my computer as these come out so that I can view these changes in my "Free" time. For me this works great as I only have access to the school computers weekly and I can see if there are any updates that would be needed for the class on a more frequent basis. In any event, you can view the update notes and only update when you need or want one of the updates.
@MovieMaker, I don't think you actually want fewer updates. You probably just want to do less work when there is an update - right? Did you know that Chrome (the web browser) updates extremely frequently? But you'd never know, because you don't have to do any work to get the update - it's automatic.

IMO frequent updates are by far the best idea, for many, many reasons- DJ's got it right, of course, he's got a lot of experience doing this;)