EZ-Builder Windows Release 2014.11.15.00

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- fixes and enhancements for the MYO Arm Gesture Controller
hi dave

i mean a Myo for each arm
the ez430 for head movements.
and the vr to see what jd sees.
Yes nomad, you can have more than one control in ezbuilder. Simply press the Add Control button and select the control to add.

Currently there can be only one MYO per project, but that will change in upcoming releases

Oculus rift support is coming next
Ok NOW im REALY impressed:D
That with some 4 wire servos OMG ....
I cant even express just how amazing is all is
I could see this being really good for assitive technology and prosthetics.

Yes, this will get more minds working on prosthetics and help bring more advances for better low cost prosthetics.
I already 3d printed a robotic human hand.
This will give me better control of it.