EZ-Builder Windows 2014.06.22

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This release updates a header that RoboRealm has requested for with the HTTP image request.


- HTTP Image content-type and content-size header added

*RoboRealm has a page on integrating into EZ-Builder here: http://www.roborealm.com/help/EZRobotVariables.php
Hello, I downloaded a demo version of RoboRealm but do you have an example please?
I try to use this software with EZ-Builder but it's not really clear.
Thank you Justin. I'm sorry I had not seen. I will look this weekend.
Downloaded the latest version but cannot load examples or my projects
When I try to open all examples they all have same file name " label1 "
using win 7
worked ok with win8 on another pc ?

Edit; Did a clean install issue resolved :P
Hi, there are lots interesting things with RoboRealm but object recognition require too much resources. I think I'm going to wait object recognition with Ez-Builder.

AMD Athlon II x2 215 Processor, 4,0GB RAM , ATI Radeon HD 4250
I'd like to report an issue. I'm on version Windows 2014.06.22 on a desktop running Windows 8.1. Is there a limit to how many files can be loaded in a Sound Board? If I try to add more than 25 files the application freezes and closes with no specific error message. Also when adding less then 25 files it will randomly do the same, crash and close. Its not crashing on the same sound file either, its random. The files are all .wav files.

Update: I tried adding one file at a time and after each file I clicked save. Doing this let me add up to 30 files so far with out crashing.

Is there a recommend limit to how many sound files you can add to a soundboard or how many sounds boards you can have in a project? I have close to 300 sound files for Bender I'd like to add. Bulk adding of sounds files would be a nifty feature in the future. :)