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We wouldn't have the world's leading robot control software without innovation. Today, we introduce a fantastic new feature that will leverage your EZ-Robot's ability. Are you ready?:)


- Fix for some windows installations not continueing speech recognition after speaking (i.e. SayWait(), Say())

- Firmware Update displays additional logging information for debugging users who don't follow the tutorial to use microsoft native bluetooth stack

- Smart Motion Delay. Pauses specified number of frames between detection. Very useful to maintain motion tracking by not attempting to detect during camera movement. Specify the number of frames to delay to allow your camera to move.

- Camera Overlay has a larger default font. Right Click, Add Overlay on the Camera Preview image and the default font is larger.

- Frame Speed is displayed in Tracking Speed Adjustment. You can adjust the frame speed with the slider. Now the frame speed is displayed in ms. You can also diagnose how fast your computer is at processing different tracking methods.

- *Drum Roll* Multi Color Tracking

Introducing Multi Color Tracking!
This new feature allows you to tune into a specific color for tracking and recognition. You can add as many colors as you wish, giving each a unique label that can be determined by a global variable.

The new Multi Color Tracking Type can be selected from the Tracking Type list
User-inserted image

The Multi Color tab will display the selected color ranges and their name. You may also Add or Remove colors from this screen.
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When editing a color, you can use the color wheel to isolate a specific range. Then use the Min and Max values for Saturation and Luminance to isolate the object color. When creating your own color filter, you will need to ensure no other objects are detected within the color range you specify. It's tricky, but start by isolating the color wheel first. Then slowly move the Min and Max values toward each other until only the object is recognized.
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I created an Example Project... Examples -> EZ Script - Examples - Camera - Multi Color. This contains isolated colors for a Stop and Go sign. The code below will Stop() and Forward() your robot based on the color it detects. The signs are below in this post.
User-inserted image

This is an example of the robot moving forward by recognizing the green go sign. Notice how the FORWARD button is highlighted on the Modified servo Movement Panel.
User-inserted image

This is an example of the robot stopping by recognizing the red stop sign. Notice there are no highlighted directions on the Modified servo Movement Panel.
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Stop Sign
User-inserted image

Go Sign
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Wow, just because of that i'm about to buy my second EZ-Builder kit. Thanks so much dj for your hard work
Awsome, just keeps getting better and better. Alot of uses for this upgrade.
Exponential improvements! Tracking multiple colors will give much play.
Hello, I update for 2013.03.04 and i have a problem with cam. Realtime Video is ok but Processed Video is black.

Same problem if use my Microsoft Life Cam.

My firmware is V16

Thanks :-)
@Clode, interesting - i wonder why. Are there any messages in the Debug Control?
Oh, yes i have error message in the debug control !

Problem with low memory :-( i use Windows Vista with 2 Go.

Thanks !

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