ARC Release 2012.10.29.00

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Software Information
This is a UI performance update for a few controls. Affected controls are listed below in the change log:)

- Wiimote control performance increase
- Autocloses intro windows when control is added to new project
- mp3triggerPlayTrack bug fix when not specifying speech recognition delay parameter
- servo controls (horizontal & vertical) UI performance increase
- Virtual Robot UI performance increase
- "Auto Arrange" option when adding control is in larger font size

I get " a network error has occurred..." every time that I try to launch the update
@Troop191Robotics Are you downloading directly from the page or going though EZ-Builder? If the latter then I recommend the webpage option.
I have to agree with Gunner that the new horizontal and verical servo control for me is a bit harder to use.
@DJ, I can't keep up with you updates! Thank You..
Thanks Gunner,

Yes, I have tired every way that I can think of. I have disabled all security, firewalls, removed all dongles, shut down all other programs, restarted the computer ...
Another new feature is every time that I try to download or reply to the forum, I get a full page pop up add. And the wireless camera just died. Oh well ...
@Troop it sounds like you have a virus