EZ-Builder Release 2012.08.21.00

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Software Information
This release contains many new updates - from new EZ-Script commands, to small interface changes. Beware, a few of the EZ-Script commands have changed parameter syntax, which will cause errors for existing projects. You will need to modify your existing projects for the new EZ-Script Command syntax. Do not worry, only two commands have changed their syntax:)

- Script manager has move UP and DOWN buttons for organization
- Movement Panels have graphical arrow icons and are larger for Microsoft Surface
- Auto check for new update when EZ-Builder loads (can be disabled)
- Brookstone Rover added IR light feature (on and off IR LED for night vision)
- New EZ-Script command to STOP audio from Soundboard
- AR Drone vertical thrust set to recommended value of 1000 rather than 2000
- Movement Panels have adjustable speed support
- EZ-Script syntax changed for Left(), Right()... (see below)
- Forward and Reverse now accept speed parameter, as well as milliSecond parameter
- New EZ-Script Command: GetSpeed()
- New EZ-Script Command: SetSpeed()
- New EZ-Script Command: GetRandom()
- File->Examples updated for EZ-Script syntax change
- Larger font size in EZ-Script manual Document

EZ-Script Syntax Change:
Support is being added to include speed control by external devices (wiimote, joystick, etc.). This new addition will be amazing! However, it requires a small change to two commands: Left and Right.

The old syntax for Left() and Right() were as follows (square brackets are optional parameters):
- Left( [milliSeconds] )
- Right( [milliSeconds] )

The new syntax for Left() and Right() are:
- Left( [speed], [milliSeconds] )
- Right( [speed], [milliSeconds] )

The [speed] can be a value between 0-255. Currently two Movement Panels support speed: Brookstone Rover and iRobot Roomba. More are coming in a future release: HBridge (via PWM), Sabertooth and Modified Servo.

In your past projects, the controls to look for to update with the new syntax are:
- Speech Recognition
- Scripting Controls for dance routines, etc
- Twitter Recognition
Ok, Exact error message:

Syntax Error:2500 is not a valid speed. Expecting value between 0 and 255.

I get the same message if I enter Left(255,750) or even left(255)


When I try it on my desktop, it works.
Are you certain there isn't a 2500 entered somewhere in the speech recognition section?:) also post your project here and I'll take a look

You were right. Down at the bottom, I told it to spin around and it was 2500 ms.

I checked into it further, and you were absolutely right. It is all working fine now, except for the numbers in the script not matching the lines. I had a brain fart , too, I guess.

I was thinking I had something wrong with my notebook. That is good news!

sorry for taking up your valuable time for something unnecessary.

You are a Genie (and of course, the son I never had.).
Lol. Glad we figured it out:)
Anytime dude:)