Release 2012.08.21.00

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Software Information
This release contains many new updates - from new EZ-Script commands, to small interface changes. Beware, a few of the EZ-Script commands have changed parameter syntax, which will cause errors for existing projects. You will need to modify your existing projects for the new EZ-Script Command syntax. Do not worry, only two commands have changed their syntax:)

- Script manager has move UP and DOWN buttons for organization
- Movement Panels have graphical arrow icons and are larger for Microsoft Surface
- Auto check for new update when ARC loads (can be disabled)
- Brookstone Rover added IR light feature (on and off IR LED for night vision)
- New EZ-Script command to STOP audio from Soundboard
- AR Drone vertical thrust set to recommended value of 1000 rather than 2000
- Movement Panels have adjustable speed support
- EZ-Script syntax changed for Left(), Right()... (see below)
- Forward and Reverse now accept speed parameter, as well as milliSecond parameter
- New EZ-Script Command: GetSpeed()
- New EZ-Script Command: SetSpeed()
- New EZ-Script Command: GetRandom()
- File->Examples updated for EZ-Script syntax change
- Larger font size in EZ-Script manual Document

EZ-Script Syntax Change:
Support is being added to include speed control by external devices (wiimote, joystick, etc.). This new addition will be amazing! However, it requires a small change to two commands: Left and Right.

The old syntax for Left() and Right() were as follows (square brackets are optional parameters):
- Left( [milliSeconds] )
- Right( [milliSeconds] )

The new syntax for Left() and Right() are:
- Left( [speed], [milliSeconds] )
- Right( [speed], [milliSeconds] )

The [speed] can be a value between 0-255. Currently two Movement Panels support speed: Brookstone Rover and iRobot Roomba. More are coming in a future release: HBridge (via PWM), Sabertooth and Modified Servo.

In your past projects, the controls to look for to update with the new syntax are:
- Speech Recognition
- Scripting Controls for dance routines, etc
- Twitter Recognition
please! sdk!:) thanks and good job!
It seems that the Speech Recognition doesn't accept the values that i put in for the Left and Right turn.

correct me if I am wrong:


This SHOULD work should it not?


Oh, please see the other item I remembered after and put in question form.


Left(255, 750) and Right(255, 750) works for me. Why does it not work for you? Are you sure that is the error being reported
Thanks for the reply. It tells me that I cannot put a number Larger than 255 as an argument. It is seeing the comma as part of a large number 255,750. I don't know why. I am running win7 on an acer dual core netbook.
Please provide the exact error message
I think I see it, Dj's putting a space in after the comma...
In looking at the 2 sets of codes i am seeing that they are difrent

in MovieMakers code Left(255,750) Right(255,750) there is NO space after the ,

in DJ Suress code Left(255, 750) Right(255, 750) there is a space after the ,

maybe it work if you add a space after the ,
Space shouldn't matter. Parser ignore spaces for parameters that aren't in "quotes" and only strings are in quotes. Numbers are literal, like all programmig languages.

I can't see how it doesn't work for him:)
Wow, thats an embarrassing brainfart for me lol
Ok, Exact error message:

Syntax Error:2500 is not a valid speed. Expecting value between 0 and 255.

I get the same message if I enter Left(255,750) or even left(255)


When I try it on my desktop, it works.
Are you certain there isn't a 2500 entered somewhere in the speech recognition section?:) also post your project here and I'll take a look

You were right. Down at the bottom, I told it to spin around and it was 2500 ms.

I checked into it further, and you were absolutely right. It is all working fine now, except for the numbers in the script not matching the lines. I had a brain fart , too, I guess.

I was thinking I had something wrong with my notebook. That is good news!

sorry for taking up your valuable time for something unnecessary.

You are a Genie (and of course, the son I never had.).
Lol. Glad we figured it out:)
Anytime dude:)