EZ-Builder Release 2012.05.06.00

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Software Information
This release of adds an introductory feature to GPS and Sabertooth integration. The connectivity to Sabertooth is done through a one wire serial interface as a movement panel. This will make Sabertooth Motor Controllers much easier to use with the EZ-Robot platform:)

- EZ-Script editor window can be resized by dragging the middle seperator
- Sabertooth Serial Movement Panel
- GPS Control to view data
United Kingdom
I'm using a BT Jentro key fob type GPS which was really cheap
Hi DJ, the GPS control is the most important feature that you can add to EZ-B

Actually a lot of robot maker locking for gps, yes ardupilot and Arduino have this option but you have to know C or C++ language for using That

Please devlop this feature for us !!!!

a really fans of EZ-B

Canadian Robot
@winstn60, how about a URL for that GPS?
United Kingdom
Here you go Bookmaker

Don't think its made anymore

But I suspect pretty much any Bluetooth GPS would work as they all have a standard output format