EZ-Builder Release 2012.04.11.00 (HiFive Fix)

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We hacked away at the EZ-B Firmware over the past 48 hours to resolve the servo jitter issue. This has been a crazy past few days. The release 15.3 seemed to cause issues with some controllers, and that's because there are a few differences between EZ-B versions. They were tested in-house, but clearly not good enough. We setup a new testing environment with a pile of servos and sensors to verify older boards.

The only downfall to the latest firmware is the servo position resolution is now 100 vs 130. Not a dramatic difference, but the lower resolution is required for the servo speed.

- bug fix random ports going high
- bug fix servo jitter
- enhancements to PWM duty cycle
- enhancements to ez-b bootup speed
- camera tracking enhancement for slower cpu's

Download: EZ-Builder
United Kingdom
JOC I think you need to restart the firmware updater and give the EZB sometime to reboot itself. I had to wait a little while last night for one of my boards to start up which it has never done before

Actually, you are right about the random positioning of ports when they are released. I do not
notice it when I manually press a release button. But when animating a led and quickly releasing
and turning on a port, to create a pulsing or flickering effect, introduces what seems like a spike
in the ports position. and so those leds first light up bright before turning off.

Also, I have this one servo set up with two RC hydraulic car damper springs to have it settle
in a centered position when its released. The port seems to also overshoot when it is released, espescialy when it is driven and then released with a moderate-high pace. Sometimes the port goes high making it over shoot, sometimes it goes lower and sometimes it seems to stick in its current position, but generally it never realy seems
to go exactly where I would like it to go.

Not sure, but is this what you mean? If so then I am noticing the same.
Great Work DJ!
I also found a little issue, the radar scan seems to still be calibrated to your previous 130 position servo control. I'm guessing center should be 50 now and it looks like 70 is what it's set too.

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not really raining on your parade too much I hope (or snow, being from AB)
I've just upgraded to HiFive and now i have a problem.

I can't connect while using my usb->ttl adapter, but when i swap it with the original bluetooth adapter, it works just fine. Now all of the sudden, the LED won't turn on, but the LED on the bluetooth module will. It also won't connect anymore:(

Just waited like @winstn60 and now it works again!

Edit: aaaaand the connection keeps dropping:(
United Kingdom
Brilliant 2012.04.15.00 and Firmware 15.7 fixed my random position on pressing release issue. Like the way this release kinda snuck in there))

Now trying to think what I could use a Twitter control for??

How's it for you guys now

Thanks DJ