ARC Android/windows Release 2015.01.03.00

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Happy New Year everyone:)


- New beta version of EZ-Builder Mobile. Recommended to uninstall the previous version. Also, the latest EZ-Builder Mobile does not support EZ-B v3 due to cross-platform compatibility.

- iOS and Windows Phone EZ-Builder Mobile coming soon to AppStores

- fix link in bit builder that pointed to localhost

- first time popup for tutorial links updated to new learn section format

- more help regarding tracking in the camera device blue quesetion mark

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User-inserted image
That fixed it for me as well. Sorry for the terminology confusion, going between Windows and Android too much. I just meant the launcher, not start menu.

Devices were HTC One M8 (stock Android 4.4) and Nexus 7 2013 (stock but rooted Android 5.01)

On my newer Win 8.1 touch screen laptop Start Menu is a third party launcher app . It came pre installed on the HP computer. It's made by Pokki. Seems to work pretty well but it takes up a lot of system resources.

Pokki Support

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Ios! Omg... Yay. @dj "soon" as in a few weeks or maybe months?
Soon as a week or few days - hopefully... waiting on Apple to get back to us
That's really fantastic news! I'll be standing by.