Android/windows Release 2015.01.03.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.

Happy New Year everyone:)


- New beta version of ARC Mobile. Recommended to uninstall the previous version. Also, the latest ARC Mobile does not support EZ-B v3 due to cross-platform compatibility.

- iOS and Windows Phone ARC Mobile coming soon to AppStores

- fix link in bit builder that pointed to localhost

- first time popup for tutorial links updated to new learn section format

- more help regarding tracking in the camera device blue quesetion mark

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Is that picture a tease for IOS users.. lol.. Great job on the Windows/Android version..;)

Slight bug in the Android app. It is installing with the name "Shared Forms" rather than ARC Mobile in the start menu.

I'm unable to reproduce that result of "shared forums".

1) What device are you installing it on?

2) what is the "start menu"?

3) what version of android are you using?
Re-download and install - let me know if that fixes it for you. I made a slight change to the installer
Mine did the same as Alan's... Installed with the icon Shared forums.... I will try later to uninstall then re-install it and see if that makes a difference....
Ok I uninstalled the previous version of ARC mobile and then re-downloaded it again.... The app shows as ARC now.....
Interesting.... Is start menu a third party launcher? I did find a reference to the sharedforms, which I changed. But all installer information was ARC. Good to know I for the installer moving forward! Thanks:)
@DJ Nope, regular touch wiz or Android gui launcher.... or what ever you call it LOL... Uninstalling the old ARC android version and then re-installing the new version seem to fix it for me...
That fixed it for me as well. Sorry for the terminology confusion, going between Windows and Android too much. I just meant the launcher, not start menu.

Devices were HTC One M8 (stock Android 4.4) and Nexus 7 2013 (stock but rooted Android 5.01)

On my newer Win 8.1 touch screen laptop Start Menu is a third party launcher app . It came pre installed on the HP computer. It's made by Pokki. Seems to work pretty well but it takes up a lot of system resources.

Pokki Support

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Ios! Omg... Yay. @dj "soon" as in a few weeks or maybe months?
Soon as a week or few days - hopefully... waiting on Apple to get back to us
That's really fantastic news! I'll be standing by.