Windows Release 2016.05.14.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- rgb 8x8 animator has line and rectangle functions on a canvas buffer from EZ-Script ControlCommand()

- IoTiny Firmware Updater

- v4.x/2 firmware upgrader has a network scan

- v4 IoTiny firmware upgrader has a network scan

- removed reference to serialrgb EZ-Script commands which no longer exists

- neo pixel controller added to misc section of Add Control
Excellent. Any chance for neo pixel ring with 20?
I don't understand the question. Can you rephrase with more detail?
Sorry, my neo pixel rings have 20 pixels or LEDs . Wondering if ARC will ever be able to control them natively, without arduino?
OK, I read the info at the link and I have to say, I don't get it. I added the control but nothing happens when I click the gear icon. The info refers to something which clips to a female clip? Is this an electronic control of some sort? I don't see anything in the products concerning a Neo Pixel Controller device. So is there an electronic device and a software control both named Neo Pixel Controller? Or is it just the software control with the Neo Pixel device hooked up to the output ports on the EZB-4? There isn't any wiring diagram or anything to clarify things. I'm lost here.
@WBS. New EZ-Bit. Not yet released.

ARC has controls, not controllers. The controller is referring to an ezbit. Ezbit is hardware. The documentation is correct.

Ezrobots are built with ezbits. They connect together using ezclips.

The learn section has instructions on how clip'n'play works with video demonstration. A female ezclip is the female side of the clip. The neo pixel controller ezbit clips into a female ezclip, as the documentation says.

You do not have a neo pixel controller because it isn't released to the public yet - only beta users have it.

In a month or so it will be in the store to purchase. As the manual says, it is a neo pixel controller which has 8 output ports that each support up to 74 neo pixels.