Windows Release 2016.01.18.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- Sound servo (EZB) fix
- EZ-B v4 Camera driver upgrade
- EZ-B v4.x/2 Firmware Upgrade Utility
- prompt if a user attempts to save project in the public example folder that it will be overwritten during upgrades
Thanks for fixing sound servo. I'll give it a good test tomorrow.

Thanks for fixing, but the Sound servo works not right. when the robot speaks one word it does not respond, and when he talks long sentences listen to it early on to work.
That is expected behavior - i was going to remove the sound servo ezb because it is unable to work entirely due to that limitation. This is because audio broadcasted over wifi requires a pre-buffer of data. The pre-buffer transmits a large sum of the data before it is actually played. There will be no further development on sound servo ezb. Low audio latency and stable audio playback takes priority.
Could you add a variable to talk servo then similar to $soundv4servo when you have some free time?

I know I can fake it by using a virtual servo and then a getservo() to create a variable, but I think it would be more efficient if the object directly generated a variable (I use soundservo to change the intensity of an LED to match the sound rather than move a servo).

Hello Dj,
exactly what Alan wants to be my wish. Also, I would like to ask whether there is a possibility RSS Feeds on the ECB to give back.

Greetings from Germany
I will make a note. Thanks!