Windows Release 2015.09.30.00

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- Camera displays a status if an object is being tracked and # of tracked frames
- bit builder removes STL reference when stl is removed
- Fix for EZ-Script when Return() is called as last command in an IF/Else condition.
I don't think I understand your response, because if you look at the example I posted, the Return () statement is the last statement inside the IF/ELSE condition, and that's not working, and I understand y response to say that that is the fix?
Sorry, I'm still lost. Since my Return () statement is the last line inside the IF/ELSE condition, if you are saying that this is "the fix", then it doesn't work for me. If however you are saying, "it needs to be fixed" and is not working correctly I did not understand that. I'm trying to see if I should keep pursuing this, or abandon my code structure and try to accomplish my goal in another way
@R1D1.... DJ is trying to tell you he fixed it in the latest release. ...
Thank you for that clarification, somehow I missed that, and thanks DJ, the update did fix it. ??
Richard is correct. This is a release note for the version specified. When a version is released, ezrobot will create a release note, such as this.