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Mobile Say Command

I have been using the SAY command in a few of my subroutines. Since I updated my ARC version this week however, Ive noticed that the SAY command no longer works on my Mobile, unless Ive done something else wrong, as Im continually trying to add more functionality to my robot. When my code comes to the SAY command when Im running my robot from my PC...

Debugging Mobile Interface

First off, let me say thank you to all of you who have been so helpful. Im a newbe with ARC, so I really appreciate the assistance. Im having trouble with a script getting hung up, or stopping because of an error. Its a fairly striaght forward script, just moving a pan servo with my HCsr04 sonar on it, looking for obstacles, and directing the drive...

Variables Not Global?

So, I thought I read somewhere in the forums that the variables that I create are all global. I wrote an initialize script that I run before any other script once I power up my EZB4. This script is for the purpose of declaring all of my variables, among other things. I wrote another script that would not work. It contains variables that are...

Syntax; Return()

So, its apparently been too many years since Ive attempted to write some code, as Im getting stumped pretty easy. Can anyone tell me why the Return() command above is getting ignored? When the code gets to that line it, it keeps going until it gets to: goto(SonarTest) then keeps repeating that loop. The if statement before the Return statement is...

Low Battery Alerting Incorrectly

Ive had EZB4 for about a month now and has been working great until today. In the Desktop Connection settings, I changed the Min Voltage for the Battery Monitor to 5.2, as Im powering my EZB with a 6 volt battery. I did this a few weeks ago and everything has been fine. Now today, when Im using my Mobile Interface, I keep hearing the My battery is...

Multiple Screens On Mobile App

So Im running out of real estate on my tablet for my EZB mobile app. I was looking for a way to have an extra screen that I can toggle between on the same mobile app, so I can have one set of buttons on one screen, and another set of buttons on the other screen. This is not an issue on the PC edition, as I can use the Script Manager and run as many...

Microphone In Robot

I see from looking through the forum there is a lot of discussion regarding using wireless microphones to communicate with the robot via the PC. Im interested in having a microphone within the robot itself so I, and others can communicate with it away from my computer. First off, can anyone tell me if they have tried this, and is it feasible as to...

Getservo() Explanation

So I wrote a code to assist in obstacle avoidance when Im driving my robot, but it doesnt work, so I tried a couple of similar codes in a smaller version to find the culprit. Code #1 below only results in my sensor servo jittering. Code #2 works, but doesnt give me what I need, which is the exact location of the servo so I can know in what...

Rgb Animator

I have the 18 RGB LED PCB from the DIY section of the store. Its easy to operate via the RGB Animator, but I would like to write a script to use on my mobile app. Ive looked through the forum but can not find any code examples. Can anyone point me in the direction of a snipet of code showing how to activate the 18 RGB LED PCB. Thanks
Pir Script

Pir Script

Im trying to read the status of a PIR detector using: getDigital(D0) but it is always showing the the port is high, whether something is in front of it or not. Do I first have to designate that the...

Servo Slider Causes Crash

Im new to EZ Robot, so maybe Im missing something, but I dont think so. Have been using it for a couple of days now. Have a working app on my tablet and can operate from my desktop. Today I added two Servo Sliders to the My Mobile Interface on my PC and can operate the servos from there. However, when I save the file and download it to my tablet,...

Missing Credentials

Im brand new to this, just setting things up on my first day. I am able to download the ARC mobile app on my android tablet, but when I try to do this on my android smart phone, I keep getting an error message saying, "missing credentials", asking me to set them up in the Preferences menu option. I keep doing this, but after I save them...
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