Windows Release 2015.06.18.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- fixed issue with rgb animator for working on any specified ez-b board
- display ESC to close speech list popup
- speech recognition window is resizable
- speech recognition contains new variable $SpeechConfidence
- speech recognition contains new variable $SpeechPhrase
- speech recognition contains script that runs for low confidence detection
- option in preferences to restore the Show Intro Links window when ARC loads
- Capta to stop showing the tutorial window when ARC starts to prevent people from accidently not showing tutorial window
Happy Happy, Joy, Joy! Thank you DJ, I can't wait to try these new additions! :)
United Kingdom
hi there i can not install this program, there is no error message it just does nothing when i try to install i have tried to re download and install and still nothing. i click to install the downloaded file and like i said nothing happens at all. i live in the uk if that makes any difference? hope this gets fixed soon *mad*
Your profile says you are in the USA... The fix will be on your side as the rest of us don't seem to have the install problem you are having.... Have you tried re-booting your PC? What version of windows do you have? We need a bit more info....
There is no problem to be fixed. It sounds like this individual is merely downloading the software and not installing. Have you installed a program before?

Here are instructions on how to install a program on your computer:

*Note: However, there will be many additional challenges to make a robot if you do not know how to install a program.
United Kingdom
please dont insult me i have completed a course in IT at college i know how to install a program. i am running windows 7 os and i know my profile says usa but i havent had time to change it, when i go to click on the program to install it asks me to run it i click yes and nothing....
Nobody is insulting you..... If ARC is not installing it is because something (your settings) in your computer is stopping it... I have it installed on 4 PCs one of which is windows 7 without issue...
United Kingdom
your right it could be my end i will try and reboot computer i really want to get this program working the kits look amazing and i really want the JD kit sorry if i came off a bit defensive but not sure if you was being sarcastic with me as i thought everyone knew how to install a program. i will try a reboot and hope it works
United Kingdom
you dont suppose its because i am in a different country? i have no idea really but i will reboot now and let you know what happens
Nope, the country should be irrelevant...ARC is on computers all over the world... I am positive you will be able to figure out what is causing the install issues....
No sarcasm intended :). When asked a question or helping someone, i start from ground zero. As my grandfather used to say, you don't know what you don't know! Our software has currently been installed in over 130 countries.

If you know how to install a program, that's a great step. The next is check the following...

1) Are you using at minimum Windows 7? The ARC software is supported for Windows 7/8/8.1/10

2) Is a virus scanner running that could prevent the installation? I assure you that our software is safe. I wrote it entirely myself and there are no exploits, viruses or spyware. It's the safest software you have ever downloaded:) Disable any virus scanners during the installation.

3) Rebooting is always a good idea with Windows.

4) Are you installing as an Administrator? If you do not have administrative privilege on your PC, it might cause issues.
United Kingdom
ahh okay then DJ! i sincerely apologize, the reboot did it! it looks to be installing now but the status bar has not moved yet but its more hopeful than before um while i have your attention do you guys ship to the uk? if so how much will the JD kit cos in GBP please? including delivery as i would rather buy direct from you guys instead of amazon or something, as then i know my money is going directly into your pocket as it should;)
Yes, ez robot ships world wide... Just a note... Brookstone now sells ez robot stuff too if you prefer buying from them.... Good choice.... JD is the most popular of the revolution bots.... My fav too...:)
I'm unsure what the import duty is of JD into the UK - sorry. There are a few retailers in the UK, which we don't mind you purchasing from to save a few dollars on import:) here's a list of our retailers in the UK: Kingdom
United Kingdom
Import duty and VAT apply and have done for every delivery I've had from EZ-Robot.

Electronics has an import duty rate of 4.7% and a VAT rate of 20%, you may find that some couriers will also add a handling fee too.