Windows Release 2015.04.30.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- EZ-Bit Building Instructions has a Re-order feature which now displays images and more information about the bits that are being changed

- fix for saving the value of the Min setting in a servo Slide in Mobile Interface Builder

- Right Click when editing EZ-Script to open access to Cheat Sheet and first draft of EZ-Script Builder

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Wow that was quick, awesome work as always man!.
Am I do something wrong? I installed the new update and the MIN in servo slide still wont save. I uninstalled ARC and then reinstalled it and tried again and it still resets back to 1.
Is there a reason you needed to post this three times?
Sorry man, I posted it here then thought maybe this wasn't the right place so i started a thread, I tried to delete the comment here but couldn't.