Windows Release 2014.09.16.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- build instructions will change the view based on the location of the bit being added

- Cloud apps will include a Delete button on all private apps

- display the board summary page that has relevant data

- updated project files (Six, Roli, JD)
BooWhoo....I got problems!

First with my project for my Bender robot, I get this error loading the project file:

User-inserted image

My project is rather large and has a little bit everything in it with a lot of scripts. My PC is Windows 8.1. I never did any of the Sept. updates until I went to the latest 9.16.14. My previous version that worked was 6.22.14. And just minutes before I did the update, I loaded my project in version 6.22.14 and it loaded and ran fine.

Another error I get (like if I start a new project) is if I try to add a Sound servo (pc), I get this error:

User-inserted image

I'm going to go backswords in the revisions and let you know if any of them did not have these errors between 9.16 and 6.22.
okie looking into it!
9.10, 9.13 and 9.15 generate the same exact errors for me.

I can load other project, just not the one I really want to. One big difference is my Bender robot project file does have the sound servo (pc) in it. Other projects that I tested loaded did not have that in it. I also have a lot of scripts in my bigger project.
It's fixed - uploading the new 2014.09.19 now
I went back to 6.22.14 and my projects loaded fine and Sound Server (pc) ran fine. I'm currently "trying" to upload my Bender project file but it's 92mb (incase you want to load my project to see what might cause the errors).
okay download 2014.09.19.00 and you're good to go
Thank you @DJ, Bender's project is loading again and Sound servo (pc) works well.