Windows 2015.04.29.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- new EZ-Script command: ComClearInput(port) which clears all input data from incoming serial/com Port

- Serial Terminal now logs error Com error messages

- rgb animator exits running action gracefully when no ezb connection

- New colors for flat icons to make it easier on the eyes and to find items

- ability to specify a much lower confidence setting for debugging speech recognition
I always liked the icons the way you used to have them... So I love this update to the non-picture icons...

- the lower confidence setings in speech will come in handy as for some reason Sue's computer has a tough time recognizing her voice sometimes... She has done the Windows voice training but I think it is because her voice doesn't carry well...

Thanks for the update
merci, merci, merci!
DJ you are a champ. speech rec. is now working in french.

My family and friends will be stunt by the interaction done in their own language.

Again: BRAVO!
@ Richard

I'm guessing you've already tried this, but I've helped a lot of people set up their computers for speech recognition, and 95% of the time, the solution is to lower the mic input level. I've got mine working so I can talk at regular volume in Trade Shows without being near the mic and it works brilliantly.

For what it's worth, my mic input is 74 with a +10 db boost. I've found that a large percentage of computers fall within a 10 range (64-74)... not all of them, but most of them.

I'd suggest trying adjusting the input level by 5 each time and start with a simple command like "robot stop".
@Dennis Welcome.... You must be the new ez robot intern:) I'll do some experimenting with what you mentioned.... Thanks...
@ Richard

I've been working with ezrobot for about 2 years. I've known DJ for about 7, so I've seen the incredible progression in his robots and software. I just haven't been around the forums much:)

I'm working with educators to help bring ezrobot into schools and ensure that our young people have a strong robotics background, as those skills are going to become paramount over the next decade.