Windows 2014.02.21.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.

This release includes a few new commands, including a new control for the Mobile Interface Builder.


- Mobile Interface Builder now has an Image Button, which allows you to add an image to use as a button. There are two states for the button as well, for running and stopped scripts.

- New EZ-B v4 support for UART Peripheral Adapter (UARTInit(), UARTWrite(), UARTRead(), and UARTAvailable())

- EZ-Cloud sorts Public apps by latest modified date
I can understand the 1st and 3rd changes but the UART commands ......? I know the acronym and its used in communicating to serial devices. What would be an example of an application for the uart and its benefits? Would this be considered another port? ...Enquiring minds...Thanks once again for your hard work @ DJ:)
Sadly, that won't be possible for transparency. You will have to cut the image out of the master image if that is the case. The transparency cannot be set for buttons or images through to other images.

the mobile app which supports the image buttons will be uploaded Saturday
United Kingdom
Hey DJ - awesome news ! Thanks ! Especially love the sound of the images as buttons as it means we can now use images of gel buttons etc that we design - it makes the interface way more sexy!

I was hoping it might include updates of some of the 3D parts too - is there any definite day that these are getting uploaded?

Ps I'm increasing my order to include a full Roli kit too - I figured its like adopting a cat - if you just have one kitten, it's not kind as it gets bored .... Whereas if you adopt two then they can play with each other lol ! So it's going to be a full Roli kit and a printed (hopefully lol) JD.

Can't wait !

Thanks again for the great improvements!

You also have twice as much food to buy and twice as much to clean out of the litter box. Lol! *sick*
United Kingdom
Ah see .... I have a real cat and am about to buy a robot litter tray ..... Cleans washes and dries itself LOL .... Our cats are already tech addicts ..... Auto food robots and stuff lol
The 3D design files will be updated. They are on the schedule of things to do. There's a method to my madness:)