Release 2017.03.06.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- force a memory garbage collection, specifically for GDI after Add Control for computers with low memory resources or lots of programs running in the background

- updates to UI when closing Forms which will prevent the occasional lock-up when closing ez-builder

- speech recognition has a new event for when pause state changes. this was added for the bing speech plugin so it does not listen when PC is speaking when Auto Record is enabled

- renamed the camera control's haar ControlCommand from custom to haar. The HAAR ControlCommand() was named CUSTOM and that wasn't easily identifiable by users

- log available plugin updates to usage log

- question mark on plugin update window brings user to plugin page

- project details, EZ-Cloud save and robot design editor all have an option which allows setting if the project requires a servo Profile when loading. Not all revolutions require a servo profile, such as Six, AdventureBot or Roli. The only robot that really needs a servo profile is JD or E.D.I MechWarrior because they walk and servo aligntment is important. This prevents prompting to load the servo profile when it isn't required

- if there are more than one soundboards on the same ez-b with scripts, fixes a Script Executor error that would appear about a null value

- wait for speech in RoboScratch speaks a message if timeout

- new Blockly commands for Play Audio (wait) and Stop Audio

- Blockly movement commands now say Move or Turn in front of them

- force garbage collection before add control form to ensure there's enough resources for gdi images of buttons

- force garbage collection before some big forms, such as loading ezbit library, editing robot in 3d and viewing 3d assembly instructions

- waitForSpeech() returns lower case when option is clicked with mouse

- manual for waitForSpeech() references that returned value is lowercase

- filter html in response of PandoraBot